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3 Things You Can Do If You Are Feeling Stuck

Do you remember where you were a year ago? If you were like me, you found yourself suddenly working on turning the kitchen, living room, and basement into classrooms and office space. You were digging out your ironing board to use as a stand-up desk and finding pillows to create ergonomic office chairs. Life was more chaotic than it had ever been trying to stay up to date on current rules across the globe on who on the team needed to go into work, the authorizing paperwork required and PPE available.

Missing friends, fun activities, dinners out, wondering what was going to happen next, I was far from thriving.

The feeling of defeat was amplified by the cold, wet spring, catastrophic flooding in our hometown and lack of inventory of basic items in local stores. Chores at home seemed endless with no break to get away during the day. With so much change happening, the communication never felt like it was complete. The work day ran into evening many times blurring the lines between home and office. It was exhausting, draining, suffocating. Most days I just looked forward to bedtime. Eager to get closure on the day and hoping that tomorrow I would wake up and find out it had all been just a bad dream.

What I didn't realize at the time was that this was the beginning. I was about to embark on a transformation that I never expected. It was the storm before the rainbow. All I needed was some sun.

Here is how I got started. I did an honest evaluation of where I was across all aspects of life from health, family, finance, career, time for myself and more. I then envisioned where I wanted to be in each of those areas. Then I created a plan, built the habits and discipline to take small steps every day to get there.

Today I am thriving, living my best life. I wake up with energy, eager to start my morning routine and launch into a day of doing work that matters. I help employees be successful, teach leaders how to lead with their strengths and grow trust in their organizations. I show women how to ditch their imposter syndrome and channel their inner lioness. I inspire people to be limitless and create a life where they are really thriving.

Doing what you love has a funny way of making you feel unstoppable. It is my mission to be an unwavering force of positivity in the universe. The sun alone does not create a rainbow. It requires rain from a storm. I did not go on this journey alone. I had help from trusted coaches, family and friends. I took ownership of my situation and worked hard creating action plans for improvements. I had the privilege of a supporting environment that was necessary for me to succeed. I am grateful for what I have and proud of what I did to grow.

A coach inspired me to start dreaming again and gave me the support to be successful. Evaluating across all aspects of my life, I created a concrete plan to make progress to achieve my dreams. A year later, these plans are still in action. They have evolved with time, but they are the reason why I am healthier, stronger, more resilient and happier today than I was a year ago. This has inspired me to help others who are feeling stuck to take action and define success for their life so they can show up with energy for the people they love most. Come alive and start thriving.

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