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5 Mistakes You Can Avoid When Making A Change

Chasing your dreams for a better life requires change. The actions that you have been taking up until now have led you to where you are today. If you want to go further, you will need to do things differently. If you change nothing, how can you expect something

in your life to change. Put differently, if nothing changes, nothing changes. If you are change ready and can't wait to get started, great! Here are 5 things you need to be aware of. These are common mistakes people make when it comes to making changes.

  1. Wanting to change too many things at once.

It might seem counterintuitive that I am telling you not to change too many things at once when you want to make a transformation in your life. The reality is that we can't successfully focus deeply on too many changes at once. Think of it like a domino effect. Pick 1 thing that if you changed that 1 thing it would make everything else easy. Just like knocking over 100 dominoes. You don't have to knock them all down individually. You strategically pick one and the rest follow.

2. Being too vague.

I want to be happier. I want to be healthier. I want less stress. These are all great places to start. The truth is you need to make it more specific otherwise you won't know if your actions are making a difference. How do you know you are successful if you aren't specific with what success looks like? You won't. It will be frustrating. You will work really hard trying to make things "Better" without a measurable way to show that your efforts matter. 3. You start too big.

You want to go from zero to 100 in 1 day. You go for a walk once a week and suddenly tomorrow you are going to wake up and do 1 hour of cardio exercise and eat a perfectly balanced macro nutrient diet from here until eternity. It's too easy to get discouraged when you start this way. It's too big of a change at once. You want to start smaller.

4. You don't set milestones or check-points for your change.

If you want to achieve zero debt a year from now, you need to set weekly or quarterly milestones to measure your progress against. If you don't do this, you won't have the data to show you that what you are doing is or isn't working. You want to have time to adjust as you go and modify your actions based on your progress.

5. You want it to be perfect.

I will start when…. You hesitate to start because you think you have to start out with everything perfectly in place and planned for. The truth is you are wasting time. It will never be perfect. You just need to start. So let's turn these mistakes around.

  1. Focus on 1 thing that will have the most impact and make everything else easy.

  2. Make it specific so you can measure it.

  3. Break it down into small steps that you can build a consistent habit around every day.

  4. Set milestones to check your progress and adjust actions as necessary.

  5. Start messy. Start scared. Start imperfect. Just start.

I can't wait to see you start thriving. What are you waiting for?

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